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The cloud is where productivity and efficiency reside, and we’ll take you there.


Cloud VOIP solutions that deliver business impact

Efficiency, flexibility, cost-effectiveness are important factors for businesses of any size. Cloud-based voice telephony incorporates these factors and allows businesses of any size to benefit from them. Cloud voice service reduces your total cost of telecom ownership and improves overall customer satisfaction and employee efficiency.

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Next-generation cloud-based phone system designed for small business

Excellent Client Experience

Empower your business to improve responsiveness and communication

Support You Can Count On

Complimentary technical support that’s local and reliable

The Everactive Cloud Voice system provides business users a powerful, versatile, productive tool that is easy to use and is exceptionally cost-effective. From a one-person home business that wants to appear to be large and prosperous to the corporation that wishes to make the most of company resources, cloud voice systems are a great option.

Our Cloud Voice Service Brings Value to Your Business

Everactive Cloud Voice service allows easy management of business even from distant locations.  Managing your system is simple with only a few hours of training.

Most features are included as standard with the service regardless of the pricing plan chosen.

Geographic mobility makes the service ideal for businesses with multiple locations, telecommuters and disaster recovery

There is no need to worry about the system becoming outdated.  System upgrades and new standard features are added at no cost to you.

Cut down your phone bills and save time and money.  You can expand your business without making an expensive investment.  The high-tech features oft he cost-effective hosted VoIP phone service ensure delivery of every call and message even during the busiest hours.

Cost savings

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